Hildur Yeoman

Region: Reykjavik, Iceland

Surrounded by drawings, textiles, jewels and patterns, Hildur Yeoman starts to trace the beginnings of her prolific career. Because of her interest in illustration, she started studying fine arts in secondary school. Afterwards she shifted to fashion design at the Iceland Academy of the arts, graduating in 2006.

After graduation, her collection of crochet accessories and illustrations got very popular. She then focused in making clothes as well.  Hildur’s attention is on handmade details like her illustrated prints, embroidery or crochet.   She was chosen as Icelands Fashion Designer of the Year in 2014. Hildur is renowned for her gorgeous, ethereal prints and feminine cuts.  Now she has opened her own boutique on Skólavörðustígur 22b in central Reykjavik.

Hildur Yeoman’s name is not just thought of as a women’s wear label but most commonly also associated with the universe she creates for each collection. Hildur is a storyteller and illustrator, each collection tells a new story. It can be Icelandic plants and witchcraft or stories about her biker chick grandmother who travelled the United States with her motorcycle gang. The core of the brand is Hildur’s magical prints like the “Love Spell” or the “Power Spell” but also the old Icelandic handcraft techniques like crochet or embroidery that she interprets in a new and fresh way. Hildur enjoys making stage outfits and has worked closely with talents such as Nanna from “Of monsters and men” and Iceland most famous pop star Björk.

The brand has won a few awards such as Fashion design of the year in Iceland.


Belt and Road Collection

Inspired by the Westfjords in Iceland.

The Westfjords are known for its harsh living conditions, extreme landscape, and unforgiving weather.The people that live there are the ancestors of outlaws and sorcerers and we want to focus on their stories.

The pieces will both be digitally printed but also hand embroidered. We also want to incorporate some knitwear, crochet and embroidery.