Jarel Zhang

Region: Shanghai, China湖南福彩网app官方下载

Born in China湖南福彩网app官方下载 and educated in London, Jarel Zhang received a master’s degree from Northumbria University. Later, he received a second master’s degree in Textile Design from Chelsea College of Art and Design. He was invited to his SS18 collection during New York Fashion Week in the official schedule. He was also supported by the British Fashion Council to join the London Fashion Week official showroom. This season, he joined the official Paris Fashion Week Womenswear official presentation schedule.

Designer brand Jarel Zhang uses different perspectives as the axis to link up the theme each season, endowing stories to this special idea of his design inspirations as well as providing an opportunity for human to reflect on themselves and regain momentum. Jarel Zhang’s style can be seen as futuristic, fully demonstrating the spirit of no boundary and no time limit.


Belt and Road Collection

Jarel Zhang designed two looks for the International Young Fashion Designers Showcase Tour on the subject of the Belt and the Road; the designdetails in these looks combined the route of thistour with the historical, topographic, human andcultural, and meteorological elements of corresponding countries.

Let’s take Panama as an example. Panama, located in the Isthmus of Panama of Central America, features rising topography and crisscrossed gulliesall the country湖南福彩网app官方下载, and except for the coastal plainin the south and north, most parts are mountainous, belonging to tropics marine climate, moist indaytime and cool at night, with average temperatureof 23~27 C°. Through this information, we candecide the materials and main colors in design.One of the look uses the colors of Panama’s nationalflags (White, Blue, and Red) as the colorelements. In combination with the local climate, we select light and thin shirt materials (thin cotton) and in color match, we select blue as themain color, using red zipper to actualize a tridimensionalmatch in structure. In the meanwhile, weadd a white transparent solid pocket in the middlepart of the sleeve, making this look entirely fitin the color elements of Panama’s national flags.While the second look uses the topographic featuresof Panama as design elements, the forests ascolor sampling, and the addition of wild functionalityas design details. In color matching, we usegreen as the dominant hue to manifest the naturalforest element, use the structure of overcoat todisplay the topographic features of Panama, andadd multiple solid pockets to accord with thefunctionality needed in the wildness.