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Liu Yan Jun, Junne, received her bachelor degree in Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts. She is now a star designer, independent fashion designer, knitting engineering artist, international brand cross-border cooperation designer. Her representative work includes “Overpass”, “Bullfight Skirt”, “Palace”, etc. She has also won the “Gold Award of 2007 France Lancôme Creative Competition”, the bronze medal of 2008 the first reality TV show “My Style”. She was appointed the global chief designer of Lycra Fashion Trend of 2010, as well as the 2012 London Olympics commemorative designer. In 2016, she also created her personal knitting brand JUNNE which got popular within stars and celebrities immediately. JUNNE, the brand, won the “Shanghai Fashion Week Business Potential Award”.

JUNNE believes in the luxurious concept of a linear, flexible soft sculpture, dedicating herself to fashion creations that begin with fabric, highlight the feminism of strong inner but tender outline, creating an extraordinary style of dress for urbane women with their elegant appearance and independent personality. With its rich technological reserves and leading scientific and technological content, JUNNE is good at exploring differentiated knit languages and breaking down traditional knitting frameworks with bold, counter-intuitive design concepts, it has become one of the unique landmarks in the field of knitting in China湖南福彩网app官方下载, and it also injects a strong force into the weak field of independent designers.


Belt and Road Collection

Inspired by ancient Silk Road and national Belt and Road Initiative, the collection demonstrates 5 cities along the Silk Road. The collection is themed by the 5 area along the Silk Road, including Beijing from China湖南福彩网app官方下载, Tarim Basin in Xinjiang, Tashkent,Teheran from Arabia, and Rome in Mediterranean. The communication with each other always begins with a “Hello!” and this simple greeting open up the Silk Road through Asia to Europe.

In ancient times, the Silk Road is not only for trading between Asia and Europe, but also enhance the communication and exchange in cultural aspects, and links the all the along countries. Likewise, knitwear is an art of threads and knitting, and the thread is just like the Silk Road, the five piece in the collection is like the five countries along the Silk Road bringing together by the thread.

Junne uses different language to express hello and make it in the collar part of her outfit. Her superb knitwear brings out the natural beauty of female silhouette.