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The brand KANOE was co-founded in Beijing in the summer of 2015 by 3 young female designers, Lina, Yingzi and Yuzhu.They all graduated from ESMOD, a Fashion school from France and also met and trained in menswear design. The name “KANOE”is a combination of “Koraoke” and “Canoe”, meaning to achieve every goal in lives with a positive and optimistic mentality.

The designs by Lina are enriched with elegant beauty, Yingzi has the courage to explore the playful aspects of the brand’s visual content and image while Yuzhu has a strong experience and expertise in precision cutting and silhouette. The trio has developed rich and diversified fashion genes of KANOE.

The brand KANOE advocates the awakening of contemporary feminism while presenting a concise, neutral yet elegant taste of urban women. It also reflects the urbanity of casual temperament, relaxed and comfortable style while forming a powerful contrast by integrating menswear mood in the feminine tone. The design concept also expresses the independent spirit of outstanding contemporary women. If one word can be used to describe KANOE, “not pleasing” is her style tag. The KANOE’s design direction begins with theirown perspectives as women. The style is not deliberate but emphasizes a feeling of unbound, independence and freedom. It focuses on clothes’ practical, artistic experience and layered feeling of mixing. The designs also mix the masculine style of tailoring with feminine fabrics and colors. It interprets an image of modern women who is simple, elegant, and chic.


Belt and Road Collection

Under the theme of oriental charm, the Belt and Road collection is designed to promote Chinese culture and to manifest the glamour of Silk Road. Kanoe used traditional brush painting to create new floral pattern, and mixed with plaid pattern, demonstrating the modern oriental style. Extracting the element from Chinese Qipao, matching with asymmetrical tailoring and splicing technique, Kanoe has achieved perfect balance between Western and Eastern style, endowing the outfit with outstanding character.