Kenny Li

Region: Hong Kong, China湖南福彩网app官方下载

Kenny Li is experienced in fashion and graphic design. Spanning various creative facets, he has been producing various kinds of couture, installations, visual arts, furniture and graphic design. Currently as a member of Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association and Hong Kong Designers Association, he has won many acclaims such as Design For Asia Award, has been selected as one of the award designers of fashion/accessories of “40Under40” organized by Perspective, was listed the 10 Best upcoming accessories designers across the globe by ELLE, won the Global Design Award and HK Best Award by Hong Kong Designers Association. He was invited to Paris, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore Fashion Week and Le Triennale Museum, Milan for showcasing his collections. Kenny has his hand in many areas of design, including collaborations with fashion and lifestyle brands including Audi, Harvey Nichols, Crocodile, G.O.D., Giormani and Muji etc.

Highly featuring glamorous hand-made craft with a combination of photography, graphic design and fashion design in his work, Kenny creates a unique and good applicability in his fashion. In 2012, he established his own fashion brand FAVEbyKennyLi which emphasizes on eco-friendliness and down-to-earthness, creating a series of work closely related to our daily lives. He also launched his hand-made “collar collection”, using recycled material and laser cutting method to create a three dimensional collar. It is a cross between clothes and necklaces, adding a unique edge to the outfits. He has worked with Hong Kong artistes including Joey Yung, Twins, Charlene Choi, Lang Ping, Lisa S., Mandy Lieu, Jacqueline Chong, Tracy Ip and Corinna Chamberlain etc. His fashion works have been acquired by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and China湖南福彩网app官方下载 Silk Museum as their permanent collection.


Belt and Road Collection

Inspiring by the core spirit of “Belt and Road”, this collection explores the ideas of Contact and Connect.

The collection is based on Chinese style Cheongsam, and using mesh fabric to create a modern mixed traditional style. The constructive silhouette mixed with Chinese element demonstrates the harmonious coexistence of different cultures.