Region: Hong Kong, China湖南福彩网app官方下载

Born in Shanghai and raised in Austria, QiQi was first discovered by a Viennese’s model agency where she educated and grew up with. In the late 90s, QiQi moved to Hong Kong and soon became an Asian sensation. She is one of the most photographed faces of Hong Kong Taiwan and indeed throughout Asia. Her unique look and character has won her numerous enviable model contracts. Recently she has shown her talents extensively in acting, writing and designing.

QiQi published her very own book called “Hello I’m QiQi”, and released in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China湖南福彩网app官方下载. She shared with us her life as a model and her tips on beauty and health.

QiQi won numerous awards. To name a few: “Top Ten Model in China湖南福彩网app官方下载”. “The Harper Bazaar’s Style Award – Fashion Model” and so on.
QiQi has further extends her creative talent in Design and Styling works. In May 2017, she launched her own jewellery brand QQM that features fine jewellery in fashion style.

After many years in the fashion industry, QiQi has reached another milestone of her career in 2017. She became a jewelry designer and founded QQM, a brand new jewelry brand named after herself and her partner Michael Shum, who is a precious metals and gemstones authority. The brand aims to erase the line dividing fashionable from fine jewelry. While accessibly priced and intended to be worn regularly, all the jewelleries are of the high quality required to be handed down from generations to generations. QQM will create modern classics without compromising on the excellence of the materials or craftsmanship.

An important motif of QiQi’s designs is the cross, which is a vital element of the city of Vienna where she grew up. To her, crosses are for anytime, for wearing any way, and always a fashion statement. Crosses and crowns represent her favorite memories as she grew up from child to girl to woman.