Tony Vergara

Region: Panama City, Panama

Tony Vergara is a clothing and accessories brand from Panama, founded in 2015 by the designer of the same name. Tony Vergara is defined by his fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail with a sense of refined versatility. The inspiration of the Panamanian art and cultural references combines with the emphasis of the making and the use of fabrics, regularly intervening with applications. This is one of the most famous works and the main thread in most of the collections. The emerging brand established itself as a leading talent in the luxury Ready-To-Wear sector in Panama City, which has a certain relationship to Haute Couture.

Tony Vergara is a young Panamanian designer, who from an early age has ventured into various artistic disciplines such as drawing and plastic arts. The latter has become the basis of the creation of his artistic profession. Between his skills, he is known for the great abilities in his designs and the measured but precise work in his applications.

Owning to the creative enthusiasm in the visual arts and digital marketing, the brand has received the attentions from emerging clients. In such a way, conveying the collections, via social networks, has become an essential part of the business to express the spirit of the firm. In November 2016, Tony Vergara also launched its first collection of luxury accessories. A series of accessories composed of earrings, rings, and bracelets with floral appliqués, of which, the earrings have proved to be the bestselling product of the firm so far.


Belt and Road Collection

Neon Dragon
The progress is drawn by a line of roads that carry with them, silks, precious stones and crystals. Referring to the path traced between china on the way to other continents.
Pleated silk expresses the growing economy, outlined in yellow, which resembles the sun, gold and abundance. The applications in neon colors are a set of elements that resemble the new generation and the roads that they left for the future.

Communication between Continents
Orange silk suit represents vitality, happiness and power. Acrylic silhouettes are drawn on the suit, which resembles the continents and communications that have been generated through the silk route. In itself, the ascending form of applications that give an illusion of the scales of the dragon’s skin, developed in primary and secondary colors, resemble the shape of an ascending dragon.