Veronica Angel

Region: Panama City, Panama

Veronica Angel is a brand established in 2014 in Panama City, Panama that is known for representing cultural elements in a unique and modern way throughout their clothing line. The brand is focused on the Spring/Summer seasons and their tropical designs are a mix between Ready to Wear with Couture handmade elements. The vibrant prints and color palettes are essentials in their collections.

Veronica Angel was born the second of November of 1992 in Panama City, Panama. From an early age she demonstrated to be extremely creative and showed interest in different spectrums of art like dance and painting. In 2011 she graduated from the International School of Panama and moves to Milan, Italy to start her career in fashion design at the famous Istituto Marangoni. During those years in Milan she explored and defined her personal style as a designer.

In 2014 she presented her debut collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Panama, an important turning point for the growth of the brand. She continued to present her collections at Fashion Week Panama as well as in the local art festival MacroFest. The brand has been showcased in a variety of expos like “DXIII Diseño Iberoamericano”, curated by the cultural center of Spain in Panama. In this expo the audience could see via life transmission the creative process of Panamanian artists. In 2017 “CINCO” becomes the first private expo of the brand which was a second look at the collection “Living Rhythms”.

In 2018 the brand presents their sixth collection “Pa’lante” at the well known art gallery Mateo Sariel. The purpose of presenting the collection at a gallery vs a runway was to give the audience the chance to interact with the pieces from up close. With this collection the brand introduced their first 湖南福彩网app官方下载 collection under “Veronica Angel 湖南福彩网app官方下载”. The clothing line is currently available at their showroom located in Punta Pacifica, Panama.


Belt and Road Collection

The Belt and Road Initiative is an opportunity for cultures to connect in order to trade their knowledge as well as their goods. For this capsule collection our inspiration is the theme of multiculturalism, since there are more than 65 countries that form part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

In the first collection launched under the brand “Veronica Angel” we created a dress using Polaroid photographs of the indigenous Guna group that live in areas of Panama. In this occasion we want to integrate the different cultures that form part of in the Belt and Road Initiative. We are very lucky to have Asian European, African and Middle East cultures present in Panama, making it a culturally diverse country湖南福彩网app官方下载. Our aim is to take different pictures around Panama City where these different cultures are present. We will take pictures of their food, textiles, people, art, and crafts to create a unique and multicultural textile print and fabric.